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   Welcome to Frensham Vale Weather Station!

I hope you find these data and graphs useful, please try out my Custom Charts feature or my Data Archive or Monthly Tables if you are after any specific data. You can download the data as a csv file.

The station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless with a Davis 6415 Ultrasonic Anemometer, FARS (Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield) and Solar and UV sensors, connected to a Raspberry Pi 3b+. It is located in my garden in Lower Bourne, Surrey (near Farnham) at 75m AMSL. It is quite a sheltered site being in a wooded valley so my wind speeds are not impressive, especially in a westerly. I wrote all the software myself as there was nothing flexible enough for me.

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You can contact me at b.wakem at gmail . com